March 1, 2001

To: Regional Transportation Commission

From: Bicycle/Pedestrian Subcommittee
City Transportation Commission

City of Santa Cruz

RE: RTP Project List

Dear Commissioners:

The City of Santa Cruz and the University of California are jointly undertaking a Master Transportation Study to identify ways to improve transportation in the City. To date we have conducted many public workshops and a random-sample survey, and one of the clear findings from this public process is broad public demand for enhancing the City's bicycle and pedestrian facilities. We would like to be in a position to move forward with as many of our bicycle and pedestrian projects as possible, and to help us achieve this widely supported goal we request the following Santa Cruz projects be moved from the Unconstrained List to the Constrained List:


Market St./Branciforte Drive Bike Lanes



Frederick Street Bike Lanes



Morrissey Blvd. Bike Lanes



North Pacific Avenue Bike Lanes



Western Drive Bike Lanes



Coral Street Bike Lanes



DuBois Street Bike Lanes



Evergreen Street Bike Lanes



Harvey West Blvd. Bike Lanes




None of these projects is over $15,000 and these small amounts are well within the uncertainty in the projected available funds.

On the constrained list are the following two City projects:


Chestnut Pathway



Chestnut Street Bike Lanes


The Agency Priority level is shown as low for both of these projects. We request that the priority level for these projects be changed to high because these projects are important direct links with the multimodal Depot site which the Commission is already helping to fund. The Chestnut Pathway is particularly important because it provides a new link which currently does not exist. Completing these bike projects will help the City and County achieve our goal of a fully multimodal facility.

Finally, the City Transportation Commission has unanimously requested that our sidewalk construction and maintenance program be expanded, with the goal of completing the City's network of sidewalks within five years. The Commission will be working with the City Council to include this goal in the City's next Capital Improvement Program update. We hope to seek the full amount ($2 million) under the City's sidewalk program (on the Constrained List):


Sidewalk Program - short term

$2 million

Thank you for your support.


Wilson Fieberling

Peter Beckmann

Richard Stover