Alternatives to the Automobile

What is it about bikes?

Or alternatively, what's so wrong about cars? Either way, here's some food for thought.

Critical Mass... People Power... Wondering what all the fuss is about? These URLs are about the physics and politics of the Bicycle, a familiar 2-wheeled form of HPV that has been around since the mid 1800s. Bike activism, anti-bike activism, bike socialist theory, bike anarchist practise... find it here.

The ultimate online dictionary for just about every bike-related terminology and jargon.
Some handy sound-bites
Ever need a snappy statistic when informing the naive, arguing with the clueless, reasoning with those deep in denial, or even sympathizing with those racked with guilt about their car-centered life? Here's a wide and deep selection. Warning, you may feel depressed and/or very angry after reading this.
The Bike Reader
This fascinating site offers essays, humour, photographs -- a true online anthology by and for cyclists.
Hauling It
Trailers, trailer stories, trailer sites . . . everything I know about hauling large objects using a bike.
Is Cycling Dangerous? (more soundbites)
This actually belongs with the helmet law discussion below, but it contains some more interesting statistics and soundbites about the relative risks and social costs of cycling and driving.
In Praise of the Bicycle by Ivan Illich
This is a much-quoted and very interesting set of statistics.
Bike activists are interesting people!
Passionate, opinionated, and (have to be) courageous. One local activist here in Santa Cruz is Kevin Karplus, a very well-informed fellow. Lots of useful links on his page.
Taking Bikes Seriously
There are some places in the world where bicycles are really taken seriously as a transportation future... like Australia!
Bikes in Wisconsin
This is a really first-rate regional (Dane County, WI) bike activist page. Links to tons of useful stuff online, as well as essays, local news, etc.
Fastest Bike in the West
Er, make that "in the world".
Demographics of US Bike Market
Marketers read this magazine. Heads up!
Survey of North American Bike Commuters
Only about 2300 bike commuters responded, but the results are interesting.
Bike Lanes and Bike Paths?
So you think that new bike path in your town represents a great victory for cycle transport? Read the frank opinions of cycling and traffic control expert John Forester and wonder.
Should Helmets be Mandatory?
This British Medical Journal article says No. Canadian doctor T. J. Demarco says No, as do some of his colleagues. The European Cyclists' Federation, representing 400,000 members, says No. And so do I. And I agree with Ken Kifer's assessment of relative risk. But see also the Bike Helmet Safety Institute pages, where both sides of the Helmet Wars are (sorta) fairly represented. Check out the contending viewpoints and make up your own mind.
CA Vehicle Code and Bikes
Know the law. The police (mostly) do.
Bike Safety
Near the top of this FAQ is a really (painfully) funny essay on motorists' behaviour around bikes.
Yup, there are rabid anti-bike, pro-auto people out there... like Brock Yates. Check out the equally flaming response to this now-infamous letter-to-the-editor!
Social Ideology of the Motorcar
Hey, let's get really radical!

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