"Act Locally"

Santa Cruz Bike/Ped/Transit issues

This page is all about local Santa Cruz bicycle, pedestrian, and public transit issues. Not too interesting unless you live here :-)
City Bike Subcommittee Letter to RTC
RTC presented a list of traffic projects, some of which were bike/pedestrian oriented. This was the City Subcom's letter, as presented at the public hearing.
SCPD OTS "traffic safety" grant proposal
Minor local controversy over this flawed proposal by local police department to improve safety for bikes and pedestrians in town. Unfortunately the grant includes no language about curbing or correcting dangerous driving!
West Cliff Trestle Bridge Upgrade
The City tries to resolve a long-standing safety and transit problem.
West Cliff Trestle Car Problems
Motorists are not respecting the bike lane on the one-way uphill stretch leading to the bridge.
Bike Parking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Don Fong (thanks Don) has been patiently collecting pictures of various bike parking facilities and rating them on ease of use, security, etc. Interesting pages.
Bike Parking On the Wharf
The wharf offers an interesting historical variety of bike rack designs.
Weird Bike Racks at BayFed Gateway
Theories abound as to how these racks are really meant to be used.
Comic Relief: Pershall's Folly
As the pages above will show, Santa Cruz is home to some very strange bike rack designs. But surely the winner is a purely local product.
Badly Maintained RR Xings
Some RR Xings in Santa Cruz are a public embarrassment, offering a hazard and obstacle to pedestrians on the sidewalk, a barrier to wheelchair travel, and discomfort and hazard to cyclists in the bike lanes.

De Clarke