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Your Local (Santa Cruz) Metro, Route 1


This information is out of date. I have not had time lately to keep it updated. Please visit the Metro site for current information. This page is only an indicator of what could be provided if someone were paid (or had more free time) to maintain it.
These are some handy tools for regular Route 1 (UCSC service) riders. Use Shift-click or whatever your browser prefers to download these files (shown in italics below).
Compact Route 1 Sched, Metro/ApplSci
Contributed by Greg Novak: a compact typeset schedule (PostScript) summarizing the two main timepoints on all Route 1's; Metro and Applied Sciences. This sched can fit in your wallet or pocket.
Compact Route 1 Sched, Metro/Mission
Greg again, with a sched for the folks who catch Route 1 at Mission and Bay.
Palm Pilot Weekday Rte 1 sched
For those of us with Pilots or Visors, the combined weekday sched in Palm Doc format, suitable for reading with CSpot or other standard PalmOS text readers.
Palm Pilot Weekend Rte 1 sched
For those who have to work or study on the weekend :-)
Palm Pilot Amtrak Connector Bus Schedule
This is one way to get to San Jose, Diridon Station (where you can catch Caltrain or the Amtrak Coast Starlight or Capitol Connector lines).

Live Schedule Appl Sci
This is not a downloadable file. This page tries to show you the next few buses leaving from the Appl Sci stop.
De Clarke