Hollow MOP bead

As soon as I learned how to make the basic hollow bead I immediately wanted to make one out of MOP -- the idea of a thin "bubble" of this pretty glass was very compelling. The result is as usual not quite what I imagined, but I'm fairly pleased. The core is black; the hollow shell is topaz MOP (German glass obtained from C&R Loo). You can almost, not quite, see the translucency in this shot -- with a strong light behind it, the amber shell glows nicely.

The serpentine scar is the "seam" where the two halves of the shell were joined -- the mica in the MOP tends to migrate and settle unless stirred up, and where the seam came together it fled the hot edge a bit. I almost wish I had deliberately left a transparent band around the edge, like a wavy "window" one could look through into the interior. Maybe next time.

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