Attempt To Remove Regional Director Noba Anderson From Office

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In early January 2019, Cortes Island was rocked by an unprecedented event. After a close election -- and during ongoing community discussion of whether or not to support our 2 community halls with a regional district property tax service -- 14 Cortes residents filed a petition to litigate against our recently re-elected Regional Director. The stated aim of the petitioners was to remove her from office and prohibit her from running again until the next election cycle.

The petition accused Director Anderson of accepting bribes and delivering kickbacks. It also, implicitly, accused 27 community members of bribery, and 7 non profit community organisations of accepting kickbacks.

Nothing of this kind has ever happened on Cortes before, as far as I know. This page is intended as an archive of the event and the history leading up to it, and will be updated with new developments as they occur.


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