Talking to SRD: Delegations from Cortes Island

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Cortes Islanders are starting to respond to this unprecedented situation not only with letter writing, but with attendance and delegation at SRD.

See below for How To Write To SRD

How to Write to SRD

If you would like to communicate with SRD about these issues and questions, the address to write to is...

... and please note, your email should be clearly directed to "the Chair and Board of Directors" for it to be included in the public record.

The most effective form of communication with a body such as SRD, in terms of formal process, is to ask questions. I'm not going to tell anyone what they should say; express what you need to express. But if you would like to maximise the usefulness of your letter for future process, then requesting clarification or explanation of things that bother you is the most effective format. The John Sprungman and Ian/Jean Le Cheminant letters (above) are an excellent example of a courteous but specific letter of inquiry.

If you would like your letter to SRD to become part of this archive (the page you're now reading, that is), send a copy to De Clarke at the address below.

This site may not be updated on a regular schedule, so please be patient if your letter does not appear immediately.

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