Litigation Against Cortes Regional Director Noba Anderson

Background and History

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(started) January 17, 2019

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Latest update: Feb 2 2019

By now most of you have heard the news: 14 of our fellow Cortes residents filed a petition (Jan 2/3 2019) to initiate a lawsuit against our Regional Director, Noba Anderson. This event did not happen out of the blue, or in isolation. It's part of a long history, it has a context. If we don't understand the history, we can't understand what's happening.

This page is the least complete of this archive, because it involves writing and researching that I haven't had time to do in the press of events. Stay tuned. This back-story will get filled in.

Historical Context

The Hall Tax Service Debate

This incident in combination with other recent events on Cortes Island and in the context of this history, raises some troubling questions for me.

Some Issues and Questions For SRD and the Cortes Community

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