January 2019
To the SRD administrators:

I have over the last one and a half years come to know Noba
Anderson through working with her on a subcommittee dedicated to
providing affordable housing on Cortes Island. A complex and
daunting task.

Everyone who has had interactions with Noba Anderson knows her to
be passionate about place, her home place of Cortes Island. She
works tirelessly to ensure that it has the best chance of flourishing in
these quickly changing economic and environmental times. She even
took time during her maternity leave to participate with this particular
group (as a concerned citizen) to ensure that Cortes start addressing
this urgent housing need.

What folks may not know as readily pertains to her integrity. In a
working relationship, one has many chances to see how different
people operate. My ongoing experience with Ms. Anderson was that
she operated at the highest level of integrity and with a consistent
insistence on transparency.

Since Cortes is not our primary home, I cannot vote, none the less, I
could not but notice that for a small and generally peaceable island,
the last election seemed rather vicious.

I would suggest that the law suit attempting to oust Ms. Anderson
from her democratically elected position maybe political in nature,
rather than ethically motivated. It is after all a sad day when
neighbors helping neighbours becomes something of suspicion.
In my observation over time, Noba Anderson serves in whatever way
she can, as our democratically re-elected Regional Director.

Undoubtedly upon investigation, you will discover that she assists
island initiatives and causes, according to their needs, not hers. You
will further discover, I have little doubt, that the non profit
beneficiaries are spread through out the full spectrum of island need
and not limited to those who may have contributed pennies to support
a neighbour in need.

On a tiny island such as ours it is not possible to only wear one hat.
Noba is a mother, daughter, wife, friend, as well as a neighbour.
Please bear in mind when a minor tragedy befell her family, it was a
neighbour who out of kindness started a ‘go fund me’ outreach to
help the whole family, and thereby to enable an elder to stay at home
rather than have to go into a home, far away from family.

I would posit that upon examination, it will be quickly determined that
this law suit maybe hosted by those who have political motives and
that there is no ethical basis for this challenge to our elected official.


Priya S Huffman MA.
Riverstone Consulting CEO
125 Susan Lane,
Ashland, OR, 97520

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