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Issues and Unanswered Questions

January 17, 2019

If you are already concerned (or perhaps even outraged), know what you want to say, and just want to know how to contact SRD: Click Here


0. Arbitrary Freeze on Cortes Governance?

On January 24th 2019 at their regularly scheduled meeting, SRD voted to "table" all current Cortes Island business on their agenda. "Tabling" means these matters are deferred to some future date and cannot be discussed or acted on in the interim. The three agenda items explicitly tabled were the Hall Tax Referendum, the First Responders Referendum, and the appointment of APC members. SRD staff subsequently cited this tabling as their reason for not answering questions posed in correspondence received from Cortes community members. SRD tabled these matters until the "implications" of the ligitation against RD Anderson was "fully understood." They did not indicate what process would provide a full understanding, or how long this would take.

1. Irregular process at SRD affects Cortes Residents?

Brenda Leigh, representative for Oyster River, explained her vote on a Cortes Island issue as follows: She said she had heard concerns from Cortes residents via email. (Campbell River Mirror Nov 28 2018) What this means: some people on Cortes are lobbying a Regional Director other than their own, to influence SRD votes on Cortes affairs. Brenda Leigh has not made the number or contents of these emails public, has not entered them into the SRD record as Correspondence Received, has not shared them with other Board members or even with our own Regional Director. They are secret.

2. Delays and Inconsistencies in Referendum Process?

Despite a clear majority (in both the 2017 petitions and delegations and the October 2018 vote) in favour of proceeding with a referendum, SRD has delayed that referendum at considerable cost to the taxpayer. In the summer of 2018, SRD promised us that if the October vote passed, SRD would expedite the process so that we could have a deciding vote in the Spring of 2019. However, in November, further indefinite delay was imposed. Brenda Leigh cited her undisclosed emails (above) as the reason for her own vote for delay.

3. Defamation of our Regional Director?

In early January 2019, 14 Cortes residents filed a petition to litigate against our re-elected Regional Director (RD) Noba Anderson, accusing her of bribery and corruption. The 14 signatures on this petition are entirely those of our director's political opponents. Meanwhile, a private investigator has appeared on the island, hired by SRD, to investigate these allegations against our RD.

4. Voter Harassment on Cortes Island?

In December 2018, RCMP appeared on Cortes Island, questioning selected people about their length of residence. They said a complaint had been filed alleging "illegal voting" in our most recent election, and that they had been given a list of names.


0) Tabling of Cortes Issues and Process:

1) Handling of Correspondence by SRD Board:

2) Delays and Inconsistencies:

3) Defamation of our Regional Director:

4) Post-Election Harassment of Cortes Voters:

We have a few dots here;
when we connect them, the picture we get
doesn't look like a healthy democratic process.
Let's keep asking these questions until we get answers.

Where to Write

If you would like to communicate with SRD about these issues and questions, the address to write to is...

... and please note, your email should be clearly directed to "the Chair and Board of Directors" for it to be included in the public record.

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