Inaccuracies in Petition Filed against R/D Anderson

On January 2, 2019, fourteen Cortes residents filed their legal petition in the Supreme court of British Columbia. The first order sought in their petition was to have Noba Anderson “disqualified from holding office until the next general local election.”  They allege that twelve individuals, with varying degrees of connectivity to eight Cortes organizations, bribed Regional Director Anderson through a GoFundMe campaign set up after her father accidentally burned his cabin down. The campaign was launched on March 13, 2018 and Director Anderson allegedly rewarded ten of the defamed donors through funding provided to their respective organizations by the Strathcona Regional District’s 2018 Grant in Aid project. Director Anderson allegedly found other ways to reward the other two donors..

Half of these charges can be dismissed immediately with a quick search of the board minutes posted on the Strathcona Regional District website:

 There is not a single 2018 Director among the remaining defamed organizations/donors:

( Cortes Island residents made another 10 donations of between $25 and $100, also one $150 donation. One of Noba Anderson’s siblings who lives in Nelson BC put in a further $1,000.)