Letters to SRD: John Sprungman

(See Yates' reply at bottom of page)
From: John Sprungman  
Subject: Your Jan. 24 staff report on Bylaw No. 341 (Cortes) 
Date: January 21, 2019 at 4:07:09 PM PST 
To: TYates@srd.ca

Dear Mr. Yates,

As the representative of the Southern Cortes Community Association who
spoke at the November 22, 2018 Regional Board meeting in support of a
using a mill rate for the community hall service in Bylaw No. 341 when
it is voted upon by Area B electors, I have some questions regarding
your staff report in the agenda for the Regional Board's January 24,
2019 meeting.

At its November 22, 2018 meeting the Board reviewed the attached report 
and, following first 2 readings of Bylaw No. 341, deferred consideration 
of the following motion:

Anderson/Abram: SRD 1067/18 THAT Section 6 of Bylaw No. 341 be replaced
with the following:

"The maximum amount that may be requisitioned annually is the greater
of $75,000 or the equivalent of $0.2405 per 1,000 of the net taxable
value of land and improvements in the service area", and

THAT the option of parcel tax be removed.

You wrote:

"The Board has determined that there is a need to seek further public
input before dealing with the above motion acknowledging that, although
a majority of Codes Island electors have voted to support the Regional
District investigating the community hall service initiative, there
are still questions about the boundaries of the service area, the type
of taxation to be used, annual budgetary requirements and so on. It is
anticipated that public consultation can be completed over the next few
months following which a further report to the Board to address these
issues will be prepared, and the Board can then decide if it is ready
to seek the assent of the electors by voting on Bylaw No. 341."

1) What further public input do you need to prepare a bylaw which you
would recommend be given third reading?

2) What are the "questions about the boundaries of the service area”?

3) How will you determine which type of taxation to recommend to the

4) How did you arrive at the mill rate figure of 0.2405 per $1000 which
you gave Director Anderson in the proposed amendment which was deferred
at the November 22 meeting?

5) What further information do you need from the SCCA and/or the Whaletown
Community Club regarding “annual budgetary requirements”?

6) What other concerns are represented by the phrase “and so on”?

7) Are you going to hold a public meeting on Cortes? If so, will
you provide ample notice so representatives of the SCCA and Whaletown
Community Club can be present and prepared to respond to questions from
the public?

As one of those who initiated the petition in the summer of 2017 which 463
residents and property owners on Cortes signed "in support of funding
of the Cortes community halls through taxation," it is frustrating
that the will of a significant majority (443 to 191 in your October 20
referendum) is still being obstructed by the concerted effort of a core
group of people who are adamantly opposed to taxes. If there is any way I
can assist you in obtaining the information you need to bring this issue
to the point where Area B electors can vote on it, I would be happy to
do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

John Sprungman 
756 Salmonberry Lane 
PO Box 30 
Manson's Landing, B.C., V0P1K0 

cc:	Michele Babchuk, Chair, SRD Board of Directors
	Noba Anderson, SRD Area B Director 
        Julian Ayers, President, SCCA Board of Directors 
	Rose Fitcyk, President, WCC Board of Directors

From: Tom Yates 
Subject: RE: Your Jan. 24 staff report on Bylaw No. 341 (Cortes)
Date: January 25, 2019 at 3:32:26 PM PST
To: John Sprungman 
Cc: Noba Anderson 

Hello Mr. Sprungman.
This is to confirm receipt of your January 21, 2019 email .
At its meeting on January 24, 2019 the Board decided to defer 
consideration of the proposed community hall service until the 
implications of the legal petition filed by Cortes Island 
constituents is fully understood by the Board.
Accordingly, I think it best to defer a response to the questions 
you have raised until the Board is able to provide clear direction 
regarding this matter.
Should you require clarification of the above please let me know.
Tom Yates

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