De (D. A.) Clarke

GIMP baby step 1

(The text of this document is the same as that in the JPG version; this is the GIF version.)

The first time I opened up the GIMP I just about fell off my chair. It was pretty late, I'll admit, but even so the sheer depth of the thing was astonishing. Most of you are too young by now to remember the first time you ever played Zork (on an antique mainframe, of course) -- the moment when you realized how big the GUE was. It's been a while since I had that thrill, but I felt it again when I started up GIMP.

So the tools I played with in this picture were:

To be fair, I also growled and groaned a lot -- but I had not read the manual. I had only printed out a copy of the 2-page keybinding summary sheet (like the emacs or vi cheat sheet). IMHO any Big App that lets you get this far without really reading the manual is a superior app.
De Clarke
UCO/Lick Observatory