De (D. A.) Clarke

GIMP baby step 4

In this case, instead of just goofing off, I had a specific goal in mind. Some folks I know were inviting their friends to submit logo designs for a project. Perfect excuse to play with GIMP!

Now, for the longer story. In between the last image and this one I got a new version of GIMP. This was an adventure in its own right! For the "where are the toys" user, I say, stick to what Red Hat gave you, you won't like building it yourself. It's not GIMP itself that is the challenge, but it requires lots of little pieces. And then you discover (oh no!) a lot more tools and options that you can add to the core. And some of those require yet other libraries and packages... and this server in Vienna is down tonight, and this server in Norway is down tomorrow... and so disappeared two or three evenings of my free time. But in retrospect and in summary, it was the extensions and tools that proved really troublesome. If I had stuck with 1.02 out of the box I would have had very little difficulty.

But when the dust settled I had a GIMP 1.02 to be proud of. It has about eight more nifty tools than the as-shipped version, one of which is the abovementioned FractalExplorer (a video game of choice in its own right). And it matches the PDF manual, which was written around v 1.02.

If you've read this far, then let me sing the praises of the Gimp-Users mailing list (see the website for more info). The members were uniformly courteous, patient and informative as I stumbled through my first build, through multiple servers on the other side of the planet, and through various extensions packaged by a motley crew of creative nonconformists :-)
De Clarke
UCO/Lick Observatory