IVCMS'96 -- Mad Science Conference

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
   First International Virtual Conference on Mad Science (IVCMS'96)
                           London, England
                            29 March 1996


    Mad science is a much maligned domain of human knowledge and its
practitioners have for too long been relegated to B-movies and remote
ancestral estates.  IVCMS provides an international forum for the
presentation, discussion and extension of research into these darkly
powerful pseudosciences and dangerous technologies which fall beyond the
scope of conventional science and good taste. The purpose of the conference
is to promote a general understanding of mad topics within the broader
scientific community, to encourage new researchers to dabble with things
best left alone, to attract commercial sponsors to the potential benefits
of mad science in the business world, and to replace the old drooling
maniac stereotype of the mad scientist with a new drooling maniac image
which is more appropriate to the modern era. The conference will be hosted
in a suitably baroque homepage to avoid the overheads of unpredictable
atmospheric conditions and revolting peasants.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  Creating life to satisfy egocentric motives.
  Unleashing entities beyond human control and comprehension.
  Tampering with the life-sustaining forces of the Universe.
  Exceeding the limitations of the human body via grotesque metamorphoses.
  New applications for old technologies (alchemy, necromancy, etc.).
  Ill-advised collaboration with alien and/or supernatural intelligences.
  Life-long devotion to researching the pointless and inane.
  Callous disregard for human experimental subjects.
  Exacting bizarre revenge on contemptuous and derisive peers.

                            Submission Details

Authors are invited to submit papers to the Programme Chair at the
following address:

        Paul Schleifer, IVCMS Programme Chair
        School of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics
        South Bank University
        103 Borough Road
        London SE1 0AA, England
        Email: schleip@sbu.ac.uk

    All submissions should reach the Programme Chair by 29 December 1995.
Papers should not exceed 5000 words and should be submitted in electronic
formats.  HTML or ASCII are preferred, but PostScript and word-processor
formats are also acceptable. Figures may be sent as URLs or in standard
image file formats, such as GIF and JPEG. Submission by email is strongly
encouraged. Papers will be refereed by a panel of at least three deranged
experts. Posthumous papers will be welcomed.

                           Important Dates

Paper submission:               29 December 1995
Notification of acceptance:     26 February 1996
Conference:                     29 March 1996

                         Programme Committee

Postmortal General Chair
 Howard P. Lovecraft,  From Beyond

Programme Co-Chairs
 Victor Frankenstein, Modern Prometheus Ltd
 Paul Schleifer, South Bank University

Programme Committee
 Marc C. Allain, First Church of Mad Scientist
 Peter Armstrong, Swiss Bank Corporation
 Pope Max Flax Beeblewax, 5-College Discordian Society of Saint Rufus
 Sue Black, South Bank University
 Cosmic Cat, CCHQ
 Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger, Institute for Parallel Studies
 Dr. Henry Gee, Nature
 Dan Hanley, South Bank University
 Donna Kossy, Kooks Museum
 Ross McNaughton, South Bank University
 Burti Montague-Leon, BP Sema
 Dr. Omega, Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow International
 Dr. Judith Ramsay, South Bank University
 Dave Scott, (unaffiliated freelance mad scientist)
 Dr. Scratching, Human Secretions Institute
 Allan Songhurst, Bavarian Illuminati Inc
 Neil Walton, Dastardly Machinations
 Xero, Planet X

Local Arrangements and Reception Chair
 Igor, The Cellar

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