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Renouncing the Right of Return

Jews in UK renounce right to live in Israel
Steven Morris
Thursday August 8, 2002
The Guardian

A group of prominent Jews seek today to renounce their right to Israeli residence and citizenship in protest at Israel's "barbaric" policies towards the Palestinians.

In a letter to the Guardian, the group, which includes writers, academics and artists, say they regard the legal entitlement as "morally wrong" when those who "should have the most right to a genuine return ... are excluded."

Among the 45 signatories are Steven Rose, director of the Brain and Behaviour Research Group at the Open University who is campaigning to suspend EU funding of Israel's universities, and Professor Irene Bruegel, of the group Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Theatre director and film producer Michael Kustow, singer Leon Rosselson and writer Mike Marqusee also signed the letter, which follows an article in yesterday's Guardian about a group of South American Indians who converted to Judaism and moved to Israel only to be housed in settlements in the disputed territories.

The letter says: "We do not wish to identify ourselves with what Israel is doing.

"We wish to express our solidarity with all those who are working for a time when Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip can be lived in by people without any restrictions based on so-called racial, cultural, or ethnic origins."

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