... and Jon makes a better photograph of it than I :-)

On the whole we find Oona River attractive, but rather melancholy. It was on our list of places to consider as possible alternatives to Nanaimo -- as a home base and hailing port. But I confide to Jon that I don't think I could bear the endless overcast, the damp chill, and the sense of decay and decline. Half the houses are now owned by "summer people" -- vacation homes for nouveaux riches from the States or Alberta. On our walk we are passed by an SUV with California licence plates, which doesn't give us a good feeling. There are no working boatyards left -- no employment for a master boatwright. The fishery, like most BC fisheries, is in terminal decline. I don't fancy the climate for market gardening -- far too soggy and dark. I have lost any romantic notions I had about Porcher Island (from looking at charts); despite Lutz' charm and positive energy, this is not a place I'll be in a hurry to revisit. We'll leave early tomorrow, with the tide, for the run to Rupert.
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