Continuing through the tunnel I emerged into the Sunken Garden, a little park made from what looks like an old railway turntable, but as it turns out was the excavation for a courthouse. "Prince Rupert’s only public heritage gardens wasn’t always such a pretty sight; in fact, it was originally a hole in the ground that had been dug as the foundation for the city’s new Provincial Court House in the early 1920’s. The new court building was erected next to this hole that is now the Sunken Gardens and, over time, it became an eyesore. Thanks to the Prince Rupert Garden Club and an army of volunteers, the Sunken Gardens is today a beautifully restored area with local plants, a Japanese garden, a butterfly garden, as well as walkways and a landscaped compass. The gardens provides just one example of Prince Rupert’s uniqueness as a tourist destination, and it is located within walking distance of both the Pacific Mariners Memorial Park and Prince Rupert Waterfront Park."
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