This may be the same Chinese bulk carrier we saw in Rupert... now loading up with wheat. They seem to be filling her aft to fore, as she's almost on her lines astern and way high by the bows...

We consider staying at Oona River again tonight, but I have a yen to see the little string of islands just north of Oona River on the coast of Porcher. I thought we might try the anchorage by McMicking Island; it looks interesting on the chart. For the first time on the trip I chart my own course (with Jon looking over my shoulder) and take us inside the island group; but we don't like McMicking in person, and continue down Arthur Passage to a decent little anchorage on Lewis Island (Lawson Cove) with a view of the main channel. Lewis Island is where Norman Iverson first met Malcolm, and we've recently heard that story; so perhaps it's the right place to be tonight. We're tired and the salmon chowder (cooked underway on the diesel heater) is good; hard rain is splatting down on the decks and we can't stay awake long. Tomorrow we'll head for Banks Island, the jumping-off point for crossing Hecate Strait.
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