As it turns out there's no water on our dock; there's no shower, and the loo is kept locked so we can't use it. We're less than impressed with QCC, but we're glad to be here, safely across the Strait and about to begin the big adventure; and I'm delighted to see Kim again. She moved away from Nanaimo to take an excellent job in the Skidegate community health centre, and I've missed her; I've also been fascinated by her emails and stories about life here, and am rather thrilled to be standing here in person at last, about to see it for myself. (I'm also, truth be told, very pleased at the prospect of a few days in harbour without the racket of that blankety-blankety engine. Even the earth-moving equipment next door seems like peace and quiet after Full Moon under way for 12 hours!) We have a good dinner of fresh halibut and wander about a bit on shore.
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