We make a long tedious passage across Hecate Strait; this is one of the strangest bodies of water I've seen. We're well out of sight of land in either direction (it's a 60 mile crossing) and yet we have to keep a watch for crab pots! The depth sounder dithers around 16 fathoms all the way across, and after the deep fjords we're used to it feels all wrong to be in such an expanse of shoal water. We have our fish (stabilisers) down to moderate Full Moon's wallowing roll, and catching a crab pot with one of these would not be any fun, so we have to keep a sharp lookout -- for floating logs and kelp rafts, too. The day is gray and drizzly and it's a marathon run. But as we approach our landfall a minor miracle occurs: the overcast breaks up and a rainbow appears!
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