June 29 -- Provisions waiting to be stowed -- OK, I overprovisioned a bit! but we weren't sure what the weather would be like or how long it might be between grocery opportunities. We approached the cruise with varied feelings. Jon was eager to go, full of anticipation, like a kid waiting for summer vacation to start; I felt more doubt and trepidation, knowing it would be challenging (for both of us, but particularly me) to be stuck in FM's small claustrophobic cabin for 6 weeks. Jon was more worried about possible Events (grounding, mechanical failure, weather), but I have great faith in our ability to handle a crisis well; I agree with Chekov that it's the day-to-day living that really gets you down, partiicularly in close quarters! Mostly I feared days of heavy cloud cover and rain; I had brought some books, but not nearly enough for a week or two of inclement weather. It seemed to me that six weeks on a small boat (that at least one of us didn't really love) could be a rather intense test of a relationship barely a year old. I feared that I might find it intolerable and have to bail on the trip somewhere along the way; I wondered if we would come back "divorced." (It's been known to happen in the maritime world)... Jon just worried whether the boat would sink.
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