Motoring steadily along Northumberland Channel on our way back to Nanaimo; one tired but happy skipper, steering with one foot and keeping a good lookout for ferries. We ran Dodd with about a 3 knot flood, so Taz' ground speed was almost 10 knots as the Narrows spat us out into Northumberland Channel. (That's the fastest she's ever moved, I'm quite sure). The weather people have lied to us again; the showers that weren't supposed to happen until tomorrow are starting now, with a few isolated raindrops. But nothing can dampen my satisfaction. Taz has passed her post-refit diagnostic test with flying colours. Sure, I have a "fixit list" to address before taking her out again; but it's a small list and mostly fun stuff (rigging), not major mechanical issues or broken spars.
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