... where there was no sign of Authority waiting to sign us in -- the float with its prefab office/shed was deserted, and no one answered the phone number listed on the signage. So I left a message with our boat's name and description and travel plan; and we motored up the channel and dropped anchor, having made a good-faith effort to check in. Our virtue was rewarded by a spectacular late afternoon rainbow -- Vancouver as the pot of gold :-) It was a strange contrast to our previous cruise into the coastal inlets -- from fjords, forests, bears and glacial rivers to this glittering ultra-urban facade. We invaded Vancouver unchallenged by water, rowing ashore and locking the dinghy to a bit of rebar at the edge of a construction site, clambering up the stony bank and joining the pedestrians and cyclists on the waterfront promenade; no one blinked an eye. This was refreshing and reassuring, especially by contrast to the atmosphere of gibbering paranoia we would later encounter at the Consulate :-)
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