American Values

Bush Administration's Grasp on American Ideals, Principles

[Editorial note: caveat lector, as usual. To my amateur eye this image looks doctored. Blow it up and look closely at Bush's left hand: there's a curious highlight by the forefinger that the lighting doesn't explain. More tellingly, look at the upper right of the "back" of the book he's holding in his left hand, and note that if you rotate it 180 it does not match the image on the back of the book the little girl is holding. There's a white void that seems to match (ahem) the forefinger of Mr Bush's right hand in its position on the other cover. Conclusion: I think this image has been doctored by a fairly skilled graphic artist to flip the book in Bush's hands. As a political cartoon/satire it's very good, but don't count on it being an authentic image. --de]
De Clarke