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Most folks with any progressive bent (otherwise known as "having a social conscience" or "caring about others" -- or "being a subversive commie pinko faggot" depending on whom you ask) feel that these are pretty dark days for America (and for the rest of the world, which has to live with whatever America chooses to do). In dark times, we all need a laugh now and then -- especially at the expense of Authority.

Here I showcase the "online dissident art" of various clever image-hackers. In the age of GIMP and Photoshop, everyone can be their own political cartoonist. Enjoy -- and send URLs if you know of more witty, snook-cocking, nose-thumbing images online.


Bush Speaks to the Nation
Nice work by an unknown (to me) artist.
American Gothic
Nice work "creeeg"!
Military Budget Solution?
At last we know how to pay for all those cushy weapons contracts...
A Meal We'll Never Forget
Matt Wuerker should need no introduction: one of our finest living political cartoonists. Here he details the secret ingredients of Dubya's famous Recipe for Disaster.
Frodo Failed!
There were folks in SF on J18 carrying placards with this legend. Here a highly skilled image hacker has illustrated it.
Trent Lott's Christmas
Another highly skilled artist put together this pseudo-American-sentimentalist style image of a man who "has a dream," but not one most of us care to share.
Color Coded Alerts
In more than one sense :-) here "Code Orange" is translated for us.
MSNBC's new lineup?
What were they thinking when they signed Savage?
The Odd Couple
The scurrilous Daily Mirror threw this abrasive cover graphic up on Valentine's Day.
Coming Soon to a Major Media Outlet Near You
The folks at Mad Magazine published this high-quality digital artwork, which works very well as an 8.5x11 poster for your office door.
A Clear Statement of US Foreign Policy
The ransom-note/rebus style is deceptively simple. The message is very clear.
Forgotten Anything?
In the preparation checklist for an Iraqi war, something appears to have been left out . . .
Upside Down!
This rather clumsily doctored image fooled a few people. As a political cartoon it's amusing, a shame the graphical work is so amateurish.
Visionary Leadership
I've examined this image closely; I suspect it was doctored, but if so it is a remarkably professional job. I can't see a lighting discrepancy or a cut line.
The All-Seeing Eye
This is not a spoof. This is the real thing: the logo of the proposed Office of Information Awareness.
Patriotic Poster
A rather good send-up of the old WWII "home front" posters.

Web Sites

Readiness Review!
The PR output of this administration makes a big, big target for satirists. See also TerrorReady.Net, full of creative riffs on the Great Government-Sponsored Duct Tape Marketing Campaign.
Must See! The Propaganda Remix Project
Micah Ian Wright has spent uncounted hours scanning old WWI and WWII propaganda posters and substituting his own slogans (in type faces carefully selected to match period styles). Must see. Great work. Buy his book -- quick, before it's on some kind of Banned Book List. [I'm only half joking.]
Great Poster Art
A mixed collection here of cartoons plus some really good Photoshop-type work (and some not so great, but it's all sincere).
Mark Fiore Cartoons
Mr Fiore uses Flash tools to make nifty little political cartoon animated micro-movies, complete with sound track.
Get Your War On
David Rees uses simple clip art images of happy cubicle workers, juxtaposed with foul-mouthed but undeniably funny and subversive dialogue.
Take Back the Media
Various dissident video artists produce Flash movies satirising the US media. Some are funny, some are raucous and hard to watch, some are almost poetic.


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