Picture 018


This little box cost me about $2 from Harbor Freight Tools, the premier source of tools for cheapskates. It's all aluminium with real glass lids. Comes from India and the quality of manufacture is about what you'd expect for $10, but way better than I expected for $2! I saw these in the Harbor Freight paper catalogue and leapt to order some, thinking they would be perfect for millefiore storage; and they are.

I also use them to hold findings, chunks of CZ (and faceted CZs), and everything except pearls (which I fear could be damaged or discoloured by contact with the aluminium).

It was an obsessive but pleasant afternoon sorting all my mille slices out of the jumbled mass in plastic bags and film cans, and into these nice little jars. Now I know how many I have of which colours, and they stay clean (instead of getting tipped out on my hand and picked over again and again as I look for some particular colour).