Before our departure I had the notion of bottling a crate or two of red and white wine and pear cider, and printing Full Moon 50th Anniversary Tour labels (see the lead photo in Chapter One of this cruise story) to go with them. My fiendish plan was to give away 'Full Moon Private Reserve' Goodwill Plonk as gifts to anyone who was friendly, helpful, hospitable, or just admiring of Full Moon. At Miles Inlet we met a Yank cruiser who became the first recipient, due to his enthusiasm for Full Moon's lines and looks. He was quite appreciative :-) After delivering the cider (by kayak) and wishing him well, I returned to Full Moon and we settled down to dinner. I was hoping to go for another little photographic kayak sortie in the morning -- but it dawned grey and drizzly and depressing: we hauled our shore line and left, damp and rather tired.
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