Jul 7 -- at the end of a longish day, having sighted a whale or two in the distance, we arrive in what will turn out to be one of our favourite places in BC: Pruth, at the northern end of Calvert Island. Here the large channels mimic the smaller grid-geometry of Miles Inlet: we take a hard left and travel a few miles westward to an "intersection" and a secure anchorage. Though a private resort (ugh) occupies some of the foreshore, the beaches are a public park and access is guaranteed via a right-of-way footpath across the resort property. The outer shore of this end of Calvert consists of a series of perfect pale sandy beaches separated by ridges covered in scrubby forest. We emerge from the green tunnel of the footpath into this open landscape full of light; I am so delighted I start to run, spontaneously, down the beach and back. Here is the perfect antidote for claustrophobia!
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