We futz around to the West of Ruxton for a while, but we need to be at Dodd Narrows before 6 pm to catch the last of the flood; better to be near our goal in case the wind changes, so we run down toward Dodd, winging out the fore and main. This composite image gives some idea of the mainsail on a dead run -- the 20 foot length of its battens is almost twice Taz' beam. On our way to Dodd we pass a big cruising ketch also sailing downwind, and in a mischievously competitive moment I shake out all the reefs and fly all the canvas we have; sure enough, we pull slowly away from them. Downwind, square footage is all that counts :-) I had hoped to sail magnificently through Dodd, but alas the wind dies dead when we're just a mile or so short of the Narrows. We have to motor home, darnit.
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